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Philips Norelco 1150x40 2D SensoTouch

You may have seen the review for the SensoTouch 3-D model from Philips Norelco on this site; in this review we take a look at the 2-D model in the same range and see how it fares in terms of design, features, functionality, and user experiences.

The Philips Norelco 1150x/40 2D SensoTouch model has some of the same features as the 3-D but the key difference is that it employs a Gyroflex system that operates with slightly less mobility.

Consequently it is a slightly lower-end solution than the 3-D model and that is embodied in its cheaper price.

Appearance and Inclusions

This model is a somewhat futuristic metallic blue color with smooth and rounded edges with a non-slip rubbery grip that make it easy to hold; it weights around a pound, so it’s a solid build. The head is triangular and seems to “perch” on the stem of the razor.

Along with the actual shaving unit, you get a charging stand, protective cap, power cord and cleaning brush.

Main Features

The 2-D GyroFlex heads are designed to tilt inwards and pivot in a circular motion, shaping well to the facial contours to ensure a comfortable, pressure and irritation- free, close shave.

DualPrecision heads use slots to shave the normal hairs and holes to get at even the shortest stubble…for a close shave.

The Lift and Cut System raises the flattened facial hairs to provide an all-over thorough shave.

Uses a low-friction SkinGlide shaving surface that slides smoothly across skin for an irritation-free shave.

Precision trimmer for mustache and sideburns trim.

The AquaTec seal allows wet shaving with cream, foam or gel, or dry shaving.

Its powerful lithium-ion battery provides a one-hour charge that is good for 40 minutes of continuous shaving; this should amount to around 10-14 days’ usage (but perhaps not the 17 days that the manufacturer states.)

There is also a 3-minute quick-charge option for a single use.

A 2-level LED indicator tells you when the battery is full and when it needs recharging.

A travel lock, automatic voltage adjustment and convenient carrying pouch make it ideal for traveling.


Cleaning and Maintenance

Maintenance is helped by the brush that’s provided and it can be cleaned using running warm water for best results.

Note that each of the heads needs to be opened and cleaned individually. It also has the hair-capturing chamber that helps to keep the sink clean of shaven hair.


The price range of the Philips Norelco 1150x/40 2D SensoTouch is $75-100. This is low to mid-range compared to its 3-D cousin, which is almost double that.


The Philips Norelco 1150x/40 2D SensoTouch shaver has a 2-year warranty.

User Reviews

There is surprisingly little difference in the strength of positive reviews for this item when compared with its more expensive “cousin”.

It seems to stack up well in the same respects, such as the comfort and closeness of its shave and the lack of irritation experienced. Users noted how little pressure was necessary to achieve a close shave and no snagging on longer beards, which helps in preventing soreness on the skin.

Again, there were only 1 in 10 users who experienced any major problems; most of these may be better off spending the extra dollars on the 3-D model, which has a few extra features, such as the extra-mobile and more sophisticated head and a more advanced LED display.

Consequently this item is recommended for those people who don’t have the budget for the 3-D SensoTouch, but are still looking for a quality electric shaver that is strong, convenient and effective.